Re-elect Pam Pearsall
Your Yavapai County Assessor 

"Valuing Our Community"


Mission Statement

I am running for re-election because I believe that the residents of Yavapai County deserve an Assessor that is dedicated to serving them.  I will continue to run the office of the Yavapai County Assessor with transparency, accuracy and efficiency.

A little more than eight years ago, I decided to run for County Assessor.  Our Assessor at the time was mired in controversy and I thought as a commercial appraiser, supervising a small staff of appraisers, well I thought, appraising all property in the whole county would be a wonderful challenge to take on.  In addition, I could wear cute dresses and tall high heels (as an appraiser you pretty much are stuck wearing jeans and boots as you crawl into attics or under crawl spaces).  In addition, I believed that the Assessor was someone respected and admired (okay that was an incorrect perception, but alas that is what I had thought).  

My Sister, Beverly Granillo, agreed to be my campaign manager.  We bought a  book on how to run a campaign and we were off and running.  Just weeks after deciding to run for the position of Yavapai County Assessor, my Sister Beverly, discovered that she had breast cancer.  I think we all have had people we love who have had cancer, what a horrible thing cancer is!  

To see my pretty Sister, who is always so fun and the life of the party endure the procedures that go with cancer (surgery, chemo, radiation, loss of hair, etc).  At first I said I just won't do this campaign thing.  As an appraiser I am flexible enough to help you with your house and children and we can skip this campaign stuff. But, Bev said "NO! You will run for Assessor and you will help me all you can, and we will both end up winners."

As I sat with Bev during her chemo, noticing the other cancer patients that had treatments - I felt shame. I realized that if elected I would be serving these people and others that faced real problems (illness, handicaps, elderly parents, addictions, children on the wrong path, etc.) and one problem that people in America should never face self serving elected officials.  I vowed that if elected I would never forget that I served the people.  I am embarrassed that when I had originally decided to run for Assessor, it was about what I could wear or how I would be respected.

It has been about eight years and my Sister Beverly has won her battle with cancer and is a survivor!  I won my election back then and am now serving my second term as the Yavapai County Assessor.

I do wear cute dresses and high heels!  In addition, I serve all citizens of Yavapai County.  I work for you and as long as you want me to hold the position of Assessor I will do my best to serve you with honor and integrity - being fair without giving out special favors to a select few, because in turn favors shift tax burdens where they should not be shifted.

This site will answer common questions and provide position statements.  

This site is currently under construction - so please come back soon.